Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I suppose I should put a disclaimer here. I’m using Photographer’s account (and I suppose his laptop as well, come to think of it) at his request. The rest of this post is (more or less) as dictated. Hi. I’m mockingbird.

Am currently undergoing recovery.  Evidence and second hand accounts indicate a psychotic break while still in residence at the CafĂ© Loop. Unsure as to precise nature of said break. Believe someone used a taser, based on burn marks.
Have been reassigned to a new division. Inexperienced partner. (I think this is a little harsh) ordered to continue blogging. Have delegated creation and maintenance of blog to partner. Met with “Holiday” briefly.  Seemed unnerved. By all accounts, excellent worker. Misguided sense of Purpose. (He really does make you hear capital letters on that.)
Unsure of intent in transfer. Hope work will be more efficient. Organization seems to have more structure, better upkeep than Baker Squad. Will not miss that.
Believe that is all there is to say on the matter.

I’m  reallynot sure how many people understand that. It’s kind of hard to follow at first, especially if you can’t reread it. 
Best I can tell ‘something’ happened right about the time Photographer was supposed to be transferred. Really shook him up. Been seeing the Doctor pretty regularly since.  He gives me the creeps. The Doctor, not Photographer. Though... Photographer gives me the creeps as well. It's like he's not really... there.

So. Hello? I’m mockingbird I said that already but it doesn't hurt to repeat things, right? And they’ve paired me with Photographer. Holiday seemed pretty nice. I mean, he didn’t try to kill anyone, which is good. 
Thank you for thinking the coat is nice by the way.